Why Are Some People Wearing Wedding Rings on Necklace Instead of Their Hands?

Why Are Some People Wearing Wedding Rings on Necklace Instead of Their Hands?

It’s often a peculiar site – why are some people wearing wedding ring on necklace? There are various reasons people slip their wedding rings off and put them on a chain around their neck. It doesn’t mean they’re divorced, and it doesn’t mean they don’t want to wear their ring. In fact, it’s likely quite the opposite.

There are endless reasons why you may see someone their engagement and wedding on a chain or necklace. Some people have conditions that keep them from wearing the rings on their fingers, while others protect the rings while working.

Why Are Some People Wearing Wedding Ring on Necklace Instead of Their Hands?

Alas, there’s a small population who put their rings on a chain for not-so-good reasons. Out of this group, some may believe in bizarre superstitions, and others could be trying to hide the fact that they are married to cheat on their spouses.

Whether you’re curious about the ‘phenomena’ of rings on chains or looking to put your rings on a chain, we’ll dive deep into the costs, different types of chains and explore some of the reasons and benefits.

The Costs of Putting a Wedding Ring on a Chain

Depending on your taste, putting a ring on a chain is much cheaper than the cost of the ring. Unless you want a 24-carat gold chain, you can get something for under $200. As you search for a chain, you may see them labeled as “necklaces.” A necklace is similar to a chain and often serves the same purpose.

Different Chains and Necklaces

Types of Chains and Their Cost

When it comes to choosing a chain, there are various options, some of which are more expensive than others.


A rolo has round, symmetrical links and is usually made of sterling silver or gold. They’re thin enough that you can easily slip your ring through the chain. Rolo chains are also strong, so you don’t have to worry about the chain breaking and your ring falling off.

You’ll find Rolo chains at various department stores – Kohls, Macy’s, and brick-n-mortar jewelry shops. Rolo chains are also available on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

Popular brands that sell rolo chains include Zales, Hermes, and Monica Vinader. You’ll also find handmade rolo chains on Etsy.

Average cost: $50 to $500


As the name suggests, ball chains are made up of tiny beads. You can commonly find ball chains made from either silver or bronze. Compared to Rolo, they’re much friendlier on the wallet. Many stores sell bulk ball chains so that you can make your own necklaces.

Ball chains were much more popular in the mid and late 20th century. Not so much anymore. Nonetheless, they still are a good choice if you need an economical chain for your ring.

Popular brands that sell ball chains include Alex and Ani and Alex Woo. You can buy ball chains at department stores, Wal-Mart, and Amazon.

Average cost: $20 to $200


A bit more expensive than rolo and ball chains, box chains feature linked “boxes” or “squares” that seamlessly fit together to form an attractive chain necklace. Most department and jewelry stores sell box chains made of either 14-carat gold or sterling silver.

A box chain is the way to go if you’re looking for a fashionable way to hang your wedding rings around your neck. They also serve as an excellent long-term investment for when you can put your rings back on your finger.

Because these chains come with a higher price tag, you generally can find them at run-of-the-mill jewelry stores and department stores such as Macy’s and Dillard’s.

Average cost: $500 to $2,000


Rope chains are often bulkier and heavier than your typical box or ball chain. Depending on the thickness, they are not always suitable for hanging rings. However, they are a cost-effective option.

This chain type has a twisted design that resembles a rope and typically features sterling silver or gold. The average rope chain starts at about one mm in thickness.

If you’re in a rush to find a chain for your ring, you’re in luck. You can buy a rope chain almost anywhere – Kohl’s, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. Before purchasing a rope chain, it’s a good idea to try it on and ensure your ring fits appropriately. If the rope is too thick, your ring might hang sideways and not look so great.

Average cost: $25 to $300


What’s The Difference Between a Chain and a Necklace?

The average consumer often confuses a chain with a necklace and vice versa. We’ll keep it simple. A chain does not have any gemstones or pendants hanging from it. Necklaces are much more elaborate and come in different designs – chokers, multi-chain, princess, and opera.

Is a Chain a Necklace Once You Put a Ring on It?

You could argue that a chain becomes a necklace after you put a chain on it. Your chain now resembles a pendant. By definition, it’s still a chain, but there’s no harm in calling it a necklace if you want to.

Do All Wedding Rings Fit on a Chain?

All wedding rings should be able to fit on some chain. The size of your ring would never be smaller than a chain. However, if you get a chain that’s too thick, your wedding ring might be too small. A ring that doesn’t fit is often the case with rope chains. If it looks like a close call, your best bet is to put the ring on the chain before buying it.

The Benefits of Putting a Wedding Ring on a Chain

Even though the idea of putting a wedding ring on chain is entirely foreign to some, there are various benefits.

  • You won’t accidentally damage your ring if you’re working with your hands
  • It’s unique and puts your wedding rings on display
  • Sometimes it’s more comfortable than wearing your rings
  • You can create a piece of jewelry with the rings of deceased loved ones
  • It’s a beautiful way to symbolize your commitment to your partner

Professions that Should Put Their Wedding Rings on a Chain

Some professionals should put their wedding rings on a chain to avoid damaging them. In some cases, the employer may even require it. The most common types of professions that may do this include:

  • Nurses
  • Welders
  • Production workers
  • Sanitation workers
  • Construction professionals
  • Drywallers

Men hang their rings from their neck, too. These professionals apply to both men and women! Perhaps not as often, but it’s not uncommon to see men with rings on chains.

Can My Employer Require Me to Wear My Wedding Ring on a Chain?

An employer cannot specifically require you to wear your ring on a chain, but they can make you remove your ring. Employers do this to ensure a safe workplace. Some employers do not allow any jewelry. Such rules are standard in manufacturing environments where jewelry is a safety hazard and a liability to the employer.

What Does Wearing a Wedding Ring on a Chain Mean?

What Does Wearing a Wedding Ring on a Chain Mean?

If you see a woman or man wearing wedding rings on a chain, you shouldn’t read into it too much. In some cases, it could be because the individual works with their hands and doesn’t want to damage the rings.

In other cases, the rings might be from a loved one, and the individual decided to make a pendent-like necklace with them.

Some people put rings on chains when they can’t physically wear them. Conditions such as arthritis can cause fingers to swell, making it impossible to wear rings.

There’s always a small group of people who wear rings on chains because they’re not faithful to their partner. If the chain hangs low enough, you can’t see the rings. With no rings on their finger, they appear single and ready to mingle.

How Your Partner Feels About Your Ring on a Chain

It’s normal for your partner to feel a bit hesitant at first. After all, a wedding ring is a very sacred piece of jewelry and symbolizes your love for each other. Be transparent with your partner and explain why you are wearing wedding rings on necklace. They should come to an understanding.

Wedding Ring Superstitions

There are a few strange superstitions behind wearing a ring on a chain. Some people live by the rule that you cannot wear a ring on your finger until you are married. Therefore, they wear their engagement ring (or any ring) around their neck. Other people believe that charms bring good luck and view their wedding rings as a charm.

Do People Wear Rings on Chains to Hide a Marriage?

Yes, some people do wear wedding rings on chains to hide a marriage. It’s easy to pass off the need to wear your rings on a chain to your partner. You could say that your employer requires it, for example. Cheaters will make sure the chain is long enough so that their shirt hides the rings.

A Final Glance at Wedding Rings on Chains

Seeing a wedding ring on chain is becoming more common nowadays. Chains are widely available and very affordable, making it easier to keep your rings on you instead of leaving them on the dresser. On top of that, wedding rings are becoming more expensive, and people don’t want to risk damaging them.

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