How Much Do Wedding Rings Usually Cost? Is 3X Really Enough?

How Much Do Wedding Rings Usually Cost? Is 3X Really Enough?

How much do wedding rings usually cost? Well, whether you have already popped the question or are “simply considering it,” discovering the ideal wedding ring probably is not that far from your mind. Thankfully, there’s been a sea of change in the way that most folks imagine engagement and wedding rings that give you much more flexibility than your grandparents or parents might’ve had.

So, How Much Do Wedding Rings Usually Cost?

Speaking plainly here at the wedding blog, that means you have the choice of picking a ring which really expresses your identity, not just as an individual, yet as part of a couple. Below we list some tips to get you started:

Wedding Ring PurchaseCosts of Wedding Rings


The price of a wedding ring depends upon multiple factors, which includes the metal utilized to create the ring, the thickness and size of a band, and whether you’re purchasing a wedding and engagement ring as a set.


As a general rule of thumb, men’s bands cost substantially less than the ones for women. A thin, simple gold band may run you a few hundred dollars, whereby a thicker, larger band of greater quality might run between $500 – $800.


Back in 2015, the price for a woman’s wedding band and engagement set averaged about $1000. Again though, there are numerous factors which affect cost. For instance, gold always is more expensive than silver, and the prices of gold will fluctuate. Additionally, most women opt not to wear an engagement ring, a choice that greatly can decrease expenses.

How Much Do Wedding Rings Usually Cost? Is 3X Really Enough?Looking for The Ideal Ring


When you are prepared to purchase a ring, you can enlist the help of an expert jeweler to make the band of your dreams. It is vital that you be clear about the budget before starting to shop. And do not be coy about sharing that budget with your jeweler; this is not like automobile shopping in which you keep a poker face. A ring may range from a couple of $100 to $100’s of $1000’s of dollars, depending upon the metal, the stone, and design you want. Below we list the price factors for rings if you are prepared to place a ring on it.


Price ranges and materials


The size, metals, and stones of your ring all will affect the final price, states the owner of Alithea Design in NY, New York. Inside his Woodland Hills, California studio, owner of Gold ‘N I says he has created customized bands for $700, as well as $47,000; the cost contrast was because of the metals and stones used in creating every ring. Platinum includes among the most expensive metals for bands, whereas the karat of gold chosen also will impact price — 24k gold costs more than 14k gold. There are some simple wedding rings that you can choose from that are beautiful and inexpensive.


The size, clarity, and cut of the stone you pick also will impact price. Diamonds often are the most expensive. The stone in the center drastically can change the price of the ring, claims the owner of Gold ‘N I. Even the smallest boost up in size, color, or quality may increase the cost from a couple of $100 dollars to $1000’s of dollars.

Sapphires, which are available in a broad array of colors, are an amazing alternative to diamonds if you prefer stones of color; moissanite is an outstanding alternative as you want the brilliance and look of a diamond that doesn’t have the high cost, suggests the owner of Custom Creations By Cindy in Hayward, CA. Below we list a few examples of wedding ring price ranges:


  • For Alithea Design’s clients: Average cost range of customized ring – $2,500 to $5,000.


  • For Gold ‘N I’s clients: Average cost range of customized ring – $3,000 to $6,000



Trends in wedding rings


Styles will come and go; however, there are a few classics which always are in fashion, states Markarian of Gold ‘N I. According to Markarian, he has been custom making more cathedral-style, single-stone settings recently, either without or with diamonds upon the wedding band. It is a classic that focuses on the center stone of the ring.

Stones of color are increasing in popularity, and the halo style, while still popular, is less so than previous times. Also popular for the customers at Markarian’s store are what he refers to as sentimental and freeform style rings. According to Vardis of Alithea Design, people want their special memories meticulously implemented inside their rings. Matching design components for his and hers rings are popular for his clients.

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Customized designs


Some professional jewelers solely work in customized designs, and a few have an array of choices from standard products to specialty and showcase creations. According to Ghiglione with Custom Creations By Cindy, if you’re looking for a unique piece, make sure you confirm with your designer if the piece you’re creating together will stay one-of-a-kind or if they’ll be duplicating the design. Below we go over examples of the price of customized rings:


Customized bands by Gold ‘N _I:


  • Color-changing, 6.00k sapphire band: $47,000.


  • Featured radiant and asscher cut diamonds and 18k plum white gold.


  • Handmade ring that features lava rock that came from Mt. Kilimanjaro: for $700.


  • Groom climbed Kilimanjaro and returned back home with one rock from his climb for his fiance’s ring.


  • Diamond, 1.01k band: $6,500.


  • Custom white gold, 14-karat ring that has 0.33k of diamonds.


Customized rings from Alithea Design:


  • $15,000 for Sapphire and diamond eternity wedding band.


  • Designed with square-cut and platinum diamonds and customized cut cushion sapphires.


  • $1,500 for tailored design


  • Designed of 18k gold that has white gold accents and features abalone, labradorite, and Ethiopian opal.


  • Eternity wedding ring: $3,500.


  • Features diamonds all around; from platinum.

Ways to purchase a wedding ring

If you are feeling overwhelmed, do not panic. Try the following recommendations for getting the ideal ring that is within your budget:

  1. Determine the maximum quantity you really are able to spend and be ready to openly talk about your intended budget with the professional jeweler. Be careful if he attempts an upsell.
  2. If the band is a surprise, you should know your significant other’s taste. Is your finance dressy or casual? Do they enjoy antiques, or are they a lot more modern? Be ready to guide your jeweler as it’ll come to style.
  3. Think about lifestyle while selecting stones. Rubies, sapphires, moissanites, and diamonds rank 9 – 10 upon the hardness scale, which means they will not scratch and will survive daily wear. Stones which are 8 or less upon the hardness scale will scratch and are softer.
  4. Request to view a CAD design or drawing before a customized design gets made. You do not want any uninvited surprises.
  5. Prepare to pay deposit. Typically, Custom Creations By Cindy’s owner requests around 1/4 of the grand total before creating a drawing.

Final Thoughts

Take your precious time in making a choice, weighing the cons and pros of each how much do wedding rings usually cost option while additionally keeping an eye out for the ring you look forward to wearing for the remainder of your life. However, just remember that even that ideal ring is just a jewelry piece. You will make the most critical choice of all as you stand with one another and say, “I do.”

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