What's the Meaning Behind a Black Wedding Ring?

What’s the Meaning Behind a Black Wedding Ring?

A wedding ring symbolizes a deep and committed love that two people have for each other. If a couple chooses a black wedding ring, there could be an underlying meaning. With black rings becoming increasingly popular, you might be thinking, “am I missing something?” To answer that question, we will preface by exploring the shade black and then dive deeper into the black wedding ring meaning.

Understanding Black: Is it a Color?

Many people mistake black as a color, just as they do with white. However, black isn’t on the color spectrum. You’d never see a rainbow with black. Technically speaking, black is a shade. While you can mix black to create other colors, it isn’t a color itself. Nonetheless, as do colors, black symbolizes various things, both good and bad.

What's the Meaning Behind a Black Wedding Ring?

Black on a Positive Note

Be it black cars, necklaces, or shoes; black often symbolizes elegance, strength, and sophistication. It’s no surprise that various sportswear brands have black logos, including Nike and Adidas. Black can also represent both capitalism and technology. Have you noticed that around one-half of computers, T.V.s, and mobile phones are black? The use of black in technology is why we often symbolize the color black with sophistication.

The Dark Side of Black

Many people associate black with darker things such as death, depression, darkness, disease, and evil. White, on the other hand, symbolizes almost the exact opposite. When one asks about a black wedding ring meaning, they usually don’t think of death or grief. After all, marriage is a celebration of love and a life-long union.

Most couples who get a black wedding ring don’t associate it with the negative side of black. Instead, they view the ring as an elegant token of their relationship.

What Does a Black Wedding Ring Symbolize for the Couple?

There are various why a couple might opt for a black wedding ring over a silver, gold, or platinum ring. Some couples might like the way the ring looks, but there might be a deeper meaning behind it for some.

Let’s take a closer look at a black wedding ring meaning and why a couple might choose this type of ring over more traditional options.

A Strong Dedication to Each Other

As mentioned, black represents strength. Look at Batman, for example. Even if black can bring out strong emotions (good and bad), it does so with solidity. A couple might choose a black wedding ring to represent the vital energy and toughness supporting their relationship.

Light colors and shades can symbolize weakness and sensitivity. A black ring is a bold statement that could very well signal the couple’s sophistication and commitment to each other. It’s not uncommon to see long-standing couples choose black rings as a token to represent their time together. Not only that, but black isn’t a traditional choice. If the couple mutually agrees on a black ring, they’ll tackle many life decisions together.

A Perpetual Relationship

Not only does black represent strength, but it also represents eternity or something long-lasting. Take a look at outer space or the night sky, for example. All you see is never-ending black. Therefore, a black wedding ring might represent longevity and the couple’s physical and spiritual commitment.

As an outsider, it’s not always easy to understand why a couple decided on a black ring. No one can predict the length of a relationship and divorce is common in some countries. Perhaps couples choose black wedding rings to show off that they’re willing to stay together through the thick and the thin. However, our galaxy and solar system are black, and no one truly knows where the end is.

The Couple’s Revolt Against Traditionalism

Gold is the most popular choice for wedding rings – just ahead of platinum and silver. Black wedding rings typically consist of steel, tungsten, or carbon fiber. For centuries, gold has been the go-to material for a wedding ring, ever since the days of the ancient Romans. The tradition still holds on nearly every continent of the world.

Some couples might opt for black wedding rings as a way to revolt against the traditionalism of the status quo. These are typically the type of couples that like to stand out in a crowd. It wouldn’t be surprising if they had non-traditional wedding attire, either. The bride might pick a black dress over a white one, for example. Does this mean the couple has ill feelings towards societal norms? Probably not; choosing a black ring could signify they enjoy being a bit quirky and don’t care what other people think of them.

A Stylistic Preference

You could spend hours trying to discover the ultimate ‘black wedding ring meaning’ without considering the obvious. Some couples buy black wedding rings simply because they like black. Or, perhaps they have a comprehensive collection of black jewelry and feel like a black ring would complement their appearance.

Although you don’t see them as often, black wedding rings are stunning. Jewelers can make them in the same designs as traditional gold rings (with a darker twist). If you knew the bride as that one person who was always wearing black, she probably decided to go for a black wedding ring because she likes the shade black.

Cultural Ties

It could be that the bride or groom comes from a culture where it’s customary to wear a black wedding ring. Black rings were once standard in some East Asian and African cultures, and perhaps the bride and groom want to carry on the tradition. Or maybe, the bride or groom’s parents have black wedding rings, so there’s sentimental value involved. It’s even possible that the rings came from deceased loved ones.

On top of the cultural aspect, some couples might wear black rings because of their religious beliefs. While traditional Christianity, Judaism, and Islam don’t mandate black wedding rings, darker rings may be popular amongst alternative, lesser-known religions. For this reason, it’s not always the best idea to ask why the bride or groom has a black wedding ring. Instead, compliment them without trying to fish for the details.

A Feasible Ring Choice for the Couple

Some couples choose black wedding rings because they’re cost-effective and durable. Unlike some gold or silver rings, the surface of black rings won’t fade over the years. It’s also much more difficult to scratch a black ring made from steel, titanium, or carbon fiber.

It costs anywhere from $20 to $70 to clean a wedding ring, and professional cleaning won’t get rid of scratch marks. Over time, frequent cleaning can become costly. With a black wedding ring, you may never have to pay for a cleaning. After spending thousands on a wedding, the average couple doesn’t want to spend more money on their newfound belongings.

A Love for Everything Gothic

Although a tiny world population is gothic, the gothic subculture is still alive and well. With roots from 6th-century A.D., black is a prominent symbol of the gothic community. Now, don’t just assume a bride or groom is gothic because they have a black wedding ring. However, it’s a real possibility if everything at the wedding is black – the attire, flowers, table covers, and so forth.

A gothic wedding ring usually stands apart from your average black ring. Additional features, such as skulls, roses, and even hints of red, give a ring more of a gothic appearance.

Their Profession

A handful of couples choose to get black wedding rings because they don’t have a choice. For example, law enforcement offers that deal with the public are prime targets for theft. Furthermore, they deal with dangerous individuals, increasing the chance that someone could steal their ring. Black rings aren’t flashy like a 14-karat gold ring, so they don’t scream “steal me!”

Other professionals who might choose to wear black wedding rings include politicians, nurses, doctors, and business owners, often in the public eye. In comparison, some of these professionals have to remove their rings while on the job; a black ring is acceptable sometimes.


Lastly, black rings are discrete. Unbeknownst to some, there’s a large subculture of couples in open relationships. Theses couples may engage with other pairs together (aka ‘swingers’) or they might have encounters on their own. A large percentage of the population consider this cheating, but for some couples, it’s acceptable. However, you should never assume that a couple are swingers just because they have black rings.

Unfortunately, some people want black wedding rings because they make it easier to cheat. They don’t have to take off their ring before going out, and they can easily pass off the ring as something other than a wedding ring. Thankfully, most people don’t do take advantage of black rings just so that they can cheat, but there’s always a handful. Why get married and go through all the work involved if you want to cheat?

Is a Black Wedding Ring the Right Choice for You?

If you were living in the 50s or 60s, you likely would have never considered getting a black wedding ring. However, nowadays, black rings are becoming more popular amongst women and men.  Whether you decide to get a black wedding ring should boil down to your personal preferences. If you like the way it looks and if you feel that there’s a special meaning behind the shade black, it doesn’t hurt to keep black in mind while you’re looking for a ring.




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