Tips for Taking Wedding Photos with a Bride Taller Than the Groom

Tips for Taking Wedding Photos with a Bride Taller Than the Groom

A recent survey found that in 92.5% of heterosexual relationships, the man is taller than the woman. That’s not a surprise, given that men are naturally taller than women, and women tend to want a taller partner. But what about the outlier – the 7.5% of couples in which the woman is taller? Does the height difference matter when it comes to wedding pictures? If you’re part of this group taking wedding photos with a bride taller than the groom can be a challenge.

Tips for Taking Wedding Photos with a Bride Taller Than the Groom

Men, in particular, seem to be self-conscious when they’re taller than their bride. Statistics show that only 23% of men would date a woman taller than them. And both women and men correlate height to beauty, so feeling short compared to your partner can make you feel unattractive.

Do Couple Care About Height Differences?

Couples that have strong chemistry and a deep personal connection often overlook height differences. Sure, some couples might not disclose their hidden insecurities. Still, many couples look past physical characteristics after a couple of years of dating.

There’s always a minority with a constant fixation on height – both the male and female in the relationship. For example, the man may feel less masculine if he’s shorter than his bride. Likewise, the woman could view her groom as less attractive than men taller than her.

Photographers have to be mindful of height differences when they photograph a bride and groom. It’s not always the best idea to outright ask, “do you want the photos to hide the height difference?” Veteran photographers can play it cool and photograph the couple so that it won’t trigger any insecurities in the bride or the groom. And best of all, the soon-to-be-married couple won’t know the photographer’s intentions during the photoshoot. The last thing a photographer wants is an unhappy bride and groom.

Wedding Photos with Height Differences: What Photographers Should Avoid

Wedding Photos with Height Differences: What Photographers Should Avoid

Are you a wedding photographer with an upcoming gig or a soon-to-be-married couple? If so, there are a few poses that are a dead giveaway that the bride is taller.

The most apparent pose is when the bride and groom stand side-by-side and hold hands, gently caressing each other. Anyone can spot the height difference, especially if the bride is a few inches taller than the groom.

Similarly, if the groom stands behind the bride and holds her, or the couple stands chest to chest and kisses, you can easily see that the bride is taller.

The poses described above might sound like the most popular wedding portraits, but that’s not always the case. If the groom is shorter than the bride, the photographer can use a few techniques to hide the height difference. And suppose you are the one getting married. In that case, you should ensure that your photographer is mindful of the height difference, especially if it’s important for you.

The Best Poses for Couples with Height Differences

If you’re a photographer capturing the moments of a bride that’s taller than the groom, here’s what you should do to hide the fact that man is shorter:

Ask the Bride to Sit by the Groom

Ask the Bride to Sit by the Groom

Depending on the props available, you can have the bride sit down on a chair or rock. Don’t have the groom sit down next to her (you can notice his height when he sits down, too). Instead, take the photo with the groom standing next to the sitting bride.

There are plenty of ways to keep this from turning into an awkward shot. One cute idea is to have the groom stand behind the bride’s chair and ask him to bend down slightly and kiss her while she looks up behind her.

Play with the Depth of the Photo

If you want to take a more traditional photo with the couple standing next to each other, you can hide the bride’s height by playing around with the photo’s depth. Such a pose could mean having the groom stand before the bride, giving the impression that he’s slightly taller than her.

Take a Photo with the Groom Carrying the Bride

A shot of the groom carrying the bride is a classic wedding photo and an excellent option for men shorter than their bride. Now, if there’s an extreme height difference, it’s still possible to notice with this pose. However, if the height difference is marginal, no one will know when they see a picture of the groom cheerfully carrying the love of his life.

Shoot a Photo with the Couple Laying Down

What better way to hide the physical stature of a couple than to photograph the couple lying down? Have the couple lay on opposite sides of each other and then turn their heads so that they are looking at one another. To ensure that this technique is 100% effective, you can take a picture of their chest and above.

Unfortunately, this only works well at an outside venue where the couple can lay in the grass. Also, the grass should complement the colors of the couple’s attire, or you’ll have to do some editing work.

Take a Picture from Below

Another way to play with the depth of a photo is to capture the shot from below the bride and groom. And no, this doesn’t mean you have to lay underneath the two. Instead, slightly tilt your camera upwards and capture their chests and above. There’s no way that you will expose a height difference with this trick.

Photograph the Man at a Higher Elevation

If there’s a discrete rock or step nearby, have the groom stand on it. You could even have the bride’s dress cover the front of the object to keep from giving away this technique. No matter the object, this can help with wedding photos bride taller than groom situations.

Wedding Photos Bride Taller Than Groom: Does it Matter?

Albeit women prefer taller men and men like to date shorter women, there are many couples in which the woman is taller. Most brides and grooms do not put much focus on physical differences. If they did, they probably wouldn’t be tying the knot. However, if the couple cares about height, the photographer can make it work.

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