How Do Wedding Rings Work

How Do Wedding Rings Work? The Correct Ways to Wear Your Rings

When it comes time to get serious with your significant other, it may cross your mind that you want a symbol of your commitment to one another. Alternatively, it may even be time to pop the big question! What do all these ring options mean? Maybe you didn’t realize that an engagement ring is that big blingy rock on someone’s finger and the wedding ring is typically a simple band.

How Do Wedding Rings Work? The Correct Ways to Wear Your Rings

If you’re lost on how this all works, look no further than our wedding blog. Here we will discuss the symbolism behind rings as a sign of commitment, as well as the differences between rings. Regardless as to if you’re in the market, need to leave a tab open for your man to see, or if you’re just plain curious, this should help you to decide what step is right for you! Also, you’ll be sure you pick out the right item for the right level of commitment!


Rings are often exchanged or given as gifts as a symbol of friendship or love. Sometimes how rings are worn can symbolize what their meaning is. Keep in mind that not everyone will think this way or care to follow the tradition of ring placement meaning. Don’t assume things based on the way someone chooses to wear their rings, and don’t worry about there being a right or wrong way to wear yours!

Sometimes people perceive what hand a ring is worn on to mean different things. Some simply see it as comfort. Many people opt to wear rings on their less dominant hand or fingers. Others see it as rings worn on the left hand, the thinking hand, as being more meaningful. The left hand comes into play with the meaning behind different rings used as symbols of commitment.

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Promise Rings

Often in a committed relationship, a significant other wants to symbolize the promise to one day be married to the other. They may choose to do this by giving that special person a promise ring. So, what is a promise ring, and how is it different from an engagement ring?

A promise ring is often given prior to getting engaged. This is used as a symbol of commitment and the promise to be married. Sometimes the ring further symbolizes the promise to remain celibate until marriage. These can have a simple to complex design, but often are far less intricate or extravagant than an engagement ring.

Promise rings can actually have several meanings and can be exchanged for different reasons. Parents may give their children a promise ring that also acts as a purity ring. The promise if for the child to remain celibate until marriage and to abstain from substance use and abuse. Someone may also purchase a promise ring for themselves for similar reasons. This may include celibacy or abstinence but could also serve as a promise to remain true to oneself. Sometimes friends may give one another promise rings as a symbol of forever friendship.

Often the promise ring is a symbol of monogamy once a romantic relationship becomes serious. A couple may choose to exchange rings to show commitment to one another and to tell the world they are in a relationship. Most commonly, promise rings are given prior to engagement as a symbol of taking the relationship seriously with the intent to one day become engaged and then married. This is a symbol of commitment when a couple isn’t quite ready to make the walk down the aisle.

Promise rings can typically be worn on any finger on either hand, but are commonly worn on the ring finger of the right hand so it’s not to be confused for an engagement ring.

Engagement RingsEngagement Rings

Engagement rings are given at the proposal of marriage. This practice dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, though rings were far less exquisite back then. Ancient Romans likely started the tradition of wearing the engagement ring of the left ring finger as they believed it to contain the ‘vena amoris’, also known as the vein of love that connected directly to the heart.

An engagement ring is the symbol that one is committed to being married to the person who gave them the ring. The circle of the ring symbolizes eternity and forever as a circle is never ending. Engagement rings are often passed down through a family, though many couples opt for newer rings for personal style preferences.

Engagement rings can have personalization that is meaningful between two people, or it can be very simple. The style of the ring is truly up to the couple and the person wearing the ring. More and more often male engagement rings are becoming popular to symbolize the man’s intent and commitment to marriage.

Wedding RingsWedding Rings

Wedding rings are almost always exchanged on the day of the wedding in a double ring ceremony where the couple places the wedding bands on one another’s fingers. This symbolizes that you are married and committed to your partner.

While the true origin of the wedding ring is hard to figure out, this tradition has been in place for thousands of years. Through the years, however, one thing has remained the same: the symbol of true eternal love.

Most often, the wedding band is worn first, closest to the body and therefore closest to the heart. This usually is meant so that it can be the most cherished of the rings since the engagement ring is often worn with the wedding band.

Wedding bands can be simple or ornate with diamonds or jewels that complement the engagement ring. Often, engagement rings and wedding rings are made and sold in sets that are perfectly coordinated.

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Anniversary Bands

Sometimes an anniversary band or ring may be included in coordinated sets sold with the engagement and wedding rings. These are often three stone rings that are made to match and be worn with the other rings. The three stones historically symbolize the past, present, and future.

While these are all the standard and traditional meanings behind the wedding ring and all those that lead up to it, it’s really up to you on how you choose to wear your rings. There’s nothing wrong with keeping the traditional alive, but if you’re the type to march to the beat of your own drum, shake things up! Opt for no ring, or wear a traditional engagement ring as your wedding ring. It’s all about your beliefs and what a ring means to you.

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